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Welcome to Seeding Galveston

Committed to developing urban farms throughout the Island.

 Seeding Galveston

Imagine if... 

Galveston could provide a sustainable agricultural program making island-fresh fruits and vegetables
available to residents year round.

Island food banks and support systems for the needy, such as Our Daily Bread and Gleaning of the Harvest,
could share in the bounty of local produce.

Classes and other educational resources were available on the Island to promote and teach sustainable farming techniques and the importance of nutritious food choices. 

Seeding Galveston is making all of this a reality - with your help!

  • Financial support. Seed money. Tools and equipment. Expertise. We need all the help we can get!
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  • Time spent at a Seeding Galveston site — to water, fertilize, nurture goats and chickens, harvest
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  • However you prefer to stay abreast of what’s happening at SG, we’re there. Facebook, Twitter,
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  • Our blog has gardening tips, market news, and events so check it out!
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Urban Farm Project

Beyond the Garden Beds

There is much more to Seeding Galveston than garden beds and crop harvests. Giving back to the community through educational programs, a gardening library, support for island food banks, a CSA delivery program and an Agrihealth initiative that will support the connection between the growing and eating of nutritious food: All of this rounds out Seeding Galveston’s mission and goals.


Disseminating information about sustainable gardening strategies will help “grow” neighborhood gardeners and green spaces. Read more


Increasing awareness of how food choices, healthy lives and local crops interact synergistically is a major part of Seeding Galveston’s mission. Read more


Sharing the produce that we grow with those most in need of it will benefit the community at large. Come join us to make this possible. Read more

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Our Sponsors

  • Our sponsors are the best! With their help, all of this is possible. Become a sponsor today!
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