A large chunk of Seeding Galveston’s soul symbolically took flight last week when the relatively new shed of which we were so proud was airlifted by crane onto a flatbed trailer and trucked away to its new home (see photo above).

This sad turn of events was prompted by the sale of the land at 25th and Postoffice where for seven years Deborah’s Garden has lured gardeners, visitors, passers by and those just seeking a park-like respite

A community garden in the truest sense of the word, the garden was established by friends and family of Deborah Conrad following her death from cancer in 2009. She was an artist, environmentalist, community activist, teacher, mother, grandmother, business owner and so much more, and her legacy will live on in community gardening projects across the Island.

The garden served so many people in different ways. A group of UTMB students headed by Leah Kolar volunteered at the garden for several years through the UTMB SIM program. The Greenies continued those service beds, donating much produce to Our Daily Bread and other charities. Church and community groups volunteered at the garden regularly, as did members ranging from university professors to volunteers of limited means but great enthusiasm. Clients from Our Daily Bread trekked over on occasion for gardening “therapy.”

Families brought their children and grandchildren to visit the goats and chickens, and DCG was a highlight on the annual Chicken Shack Strut tour. Galveston’s Own Farmer’s Market hosted its annual Easter Egg hunt at the gardens and GOFM customers always seemed to make it across the street for a walk amongst the garden beds.

Thank you Deborah and thank you to all of the many Deborah’s Garden visitors and supporters.