Of course, the first thing to do after all those troubles is to start counting blessings. We had many to count. Despite the rain, the flooding, the downed trees and dead plants, not a single animal was harmed. 45 chickens and nine goats did just fine, although they were a bit cranky at times.

In fact, our goat Chelsea was called upon during the storm to be rushed to the Animal Clinic where she gave blood — a lot of it — so another goat could have a transfusion (see photo below of John and Chelsea at the Clinic).

Another piece of good fortune came our way when a group of UTMB students — our beloved “Greenies” — offered to come donate their time at the Market St. Community Garden to pull weeds and fill beds and trim trees and all that fun stuff. That was after several of the garden members themselves came in and righted beds, moved them back into place and brought their own soil and plants to start all over again.

At N&33, our usual cadre of volunteers — Andy, Morgan, Michelle, Martha, Alison and Nan among them — took time to prep beds and plant, plant, plant. Ironically, also to water once the flood waters dried up. Others — Kristin, Linda, Emily — helped with CSA and the market. Yes, plenty of blessings indeed.