Financial support. Seed money. Tools and equipment. Technical Assistance. Expertise. We need all the help we can get!

Developing an urban farm site on a quarter-acre to full-acre lot is expensive in terms of start-up costs. Each site requires some combination of the following:

  • fencing
  • water connections
  • irrigation system
  • specially blended soil
  • materials for building garden beds
  • mulch
  • a greenhouse system for seed starting
  • garden and storage shed
  • vending stands
  • animal shelters
  • trellis materials
  • garden tools and wheelbarrows
  • fruit trees
  • and much more.

Although we are lucky here in Galveston and can harvest crops year-round, the first harvest is often 3-6 months from the start-up date. Income from the initial crops is needed to maintain the farm site and help it become sustainable with ongoing costs. Many crops will simply be donated to the community so the “income” from sales will necessarily remain low.

Anything you can donate to Seeding Galveston overall or to a specific farm site will be greatly appreciated and put to good use. We are skilled at using overstock, slightly damaged and used/salvage materials. We also need individuals with marketing skills, expertise for developing a fund-raising event, painters to create murals on the “barn” and chicken coop and someone to manage the Facebook pages and website

Contace Debbie or John at 281-794-9899 for more information or email us at


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