The goals of Seeding Galveston are to:

  • Encourage participation by community members who volunteer at the farm or offer other support to the farming enterprise;
  • Create a sustainable agricultural resource through¬†efficient irrigation, intensive farming techniques, in-house composting, and innovative uses of available space;
  • Make fruits, vegetables, eggs and goat dairy products accessible to the community through an onsite farm stand;
  • Provide produce to institutions within Galveston that minister to the indigent and needy populations through¬†organizations that feed the poor;
  • Develop an educational component promoting nutritional awareness and home gardening techniques;
  • Collaborate with local chefs and school culinary programs to help students of all ages develop a hands-on appreciation for local and seasonal ingredients; and
  • Assist churches, schools, neighborhoods and individuals in creating and developing gardens, providing them with the necessary knowledge, strategies, and ongoing support to participate in self-directed sustainable food production.